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ComEd (IL) to raise electric delivery rates by 11 percent

Commonwealth Edison got the go-ahead in mid-Dec to raise delivery rates by 11 percent to help pay for a $2.6 billion grid modernization effort.  The $245 million increase in electric delivery costs was reflected starting with your January electric bills.

ComEd this year added about $5.50 per month to the average customer bill to pay for grid modernization. The increase approved by Illinois Commerce Commission on December 10, 2014 will add $2 to $3 on top of the earlier increase to the average monthly bill.

Customers in ComEd’s service area pay the increase in rates regardless of which company supplies their electricity. That’s because the money will be used to pay for the grid modernization project, not the electricity itself.

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Important Announcement about changes to IEC Electric Program

Watch out for calls from energy companies claiming they are someone they are NOT.

Over the past few months you may have noticed more and more callers who are trying to capture your energy business. BE CAREFUL. Some of these callers are misrepresenting themselves and giving you wrong information.

Often times they are putting “NextEra Energy” or “Constellation” in front of their own name and trying to make you think they are affiliated with the utility or some other retail supplier such as Constellation. This is most likely FALSE. Always ask for proper company identification before you share any information about your District. NextEra Energy and Constellation issue company IDs to all their employees.

The only companies who have a legal right to use “NextEra Energy” or “Constellation” in their names are NextEra Energy Services and Constellation NewEnergy – Gas Division and their respective affiliates. Both of these companies are Program Administrators for the IEC. Any other company is misrepresenting themselves. The IEC has always believed in full disclosure and transparency. This has been in practice since day one of the consortium.

Another ruse is to employ high pressure sales tactics. Claiming you only have a few days to sign with them or something horrible will happen – like you won’t have a supplier at all. This too is FALSE. And this is a practice you will never encounter when dealing with the IEC.

If you receive a call or unscheduled visit from anyone you think might be misrepresenting themselves, or using questionable tactics, you can report them to your local utility (like Ameren Illinois, ComEd, Peoples Gas, North Shore Gas, MidAmerican, etc).

Ameren IL Utilities is also working with the Illinois Commerce Commission to identify suppliers using unethical practices so they can be stopped. As mentioned before, make sure to ask for proper identification of any caller or visitor including the full name of company he or she purports to represent. If in doubt, take note of their phone number and verify it with the utility or our contacts at Constellation or NextEra Energy.

For additional questions or concerns, you can also contact the IEC Program Administrators for assistance:

NextEra Energy Services – R. Keith Black at 860.558.7125

Constellation NewEnergy – Gas Division – Liz Peronto at 888.579.6600

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