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The Illinois Energy Consortium is a joint energy purchasing pool sponsored by Illinois Association of School Boards, Illinois Association of School Administrators and Illinois Association of School Business Officials. It is designed to lower utility costs for Illinois school districts or community colleges and make funds available for technology, staff development and educational goals. The IEC’s governing Board is made up of two representatives from each sponsoring association and each association’s executive director; for a total of nine members.

The IEC, with the assistance of it’s independent consultant, Latham and Associates of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, conducted an economic feasibility study of forming an electric purchasing consortium for its members and found that members could expect significant savings by forming a consortium. The IEC became operational on October 1, 1999, providing electricity to the Commonwealth Edison, Illinois Power, Ameren CIPS and CILCO territories. The Board of Directors selected CILCO as the program administrator. They were later purchased by Ameren and renamed Ameren Energy Marketing. They provide individual analysis for interested school districts and a consolidated bill for participating members.

The formation committee’s first task for the IEC was to find a independent consultant to help establish a not-for-profit consortium to purchase electricity for school districts. The committee interviewed several independent consultants and unanimously selected Latham & Associates of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There were several reasons for their selection, but the most important reasons were:

1. Their years of experience in the energy field.
2. The similar clients they had in the midwest region and the resulting success they brought to each of these groups.

Latham and Associates performed a Natural Gas feasibility study for the IEC. The IEC Board reviewed the findings and on March 1, 2002, the IEC began its Natural Gas Program. The Board received seven proposals for program administrator and supplier to the IEC. A subcommittee of three interviewed four candidates and selected Peoples Energy Services of Chicago as Program Administrator and supplier.

Any school district that is interested in or has questions about IEC’s Electric or Natural Gas Programs should contact Holly Wallace at 815.753.9083. Her fax number is 815.516.0184 or hwallace@iasbo.org

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