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Under Public Act 95-0481, DCEO, ComEd, and Ameren Illinois are required to develop a portfolio of energy efficiency programs to achieve certain annual energy savings goals. Over $50 million will be utilized for the Illinois Energy Efficiency Portfolio programs during the first year starting June 1, 2008.

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How does IEC continually offer less expensive energy supply?

What is the role/benefit of the associations (IASA, IASB, and IASBO) as sponsors?

What are the membership commitments?

If I am a member and another consultant approaches us to give a quote, what should I do to make sure due diligence is applied?

What costs does IEC actually control?

Will the IEC respond to an RFP?

Why would I choose IEC over another provider, assuming price is equal?

How will my energy budget be protected from price volatility?

How do we make payment to the IEC as a member?


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